5 Recommended YouTube Videos on the Benefits of Meditation

YouTube is a great resource for hearing people's perspectives on the benefits of meditation, and how it relates back to them personally.  These can be good reminders that everyone goes through challenges with meditation however with willpower and diligence, the benefits are immense. This is a diverse collection of 5 videos from YouTube that we think you'll find very helpful. 



Debunking the 5 Most Common Meditation Myths – TEDxVeniceBeach

This first video was taken at TEDxVeniceBeach features Light Watkins and talks about how the common myths associated with meditation and how you can benefit from a very simple meditation with just 10 minutes a day.  Light Watkins is one of the world’s experts on meditation and creator of The Inner Gym book series. 

Length: 17 minutes 48 seconds

Relevant Viewer Comment: “At the first 2-3 minutes of the video i thought i ain't gonna listen him to 17 minutes but the quality of his words were so good that i made it till the end of the it”

NadaPada Rating: 8.7


Taming Your Wandering Mind - TEDxCoconutGrove

Next up we have Amishi Jha explains the benefits of mindfulness training in her talk “Taming Your Wandering Mind.”  Amishi Jha is a Neuroscientist and goes into a very engaging talk on how our minds suffer from information overload, and the brains attention system can be trained to direct our thoughts and attention to where we want it.  Can we train our brain to pay better attention? Watch to find out how our attention gets utilized with a great example of a Marine captain that Amishi takes us through. Note: there is no exercises included in this so very focused on theory and logic.

Length: 18 minutes 46 seconds

Most Relevant Viewer Comment: It would have been nice if she'd given examples of these exercises to develop mindfulness

NadaPada Rating 7.0


The Scientific Power of Meditation

To get a scientific explanation on how meditation affects your body, we go to ASAPScience, who use some great visuals and explanations of how meditation helps people, including empathy, brain waves, negative mood, sadness, tension and anger.  Lots of information condensed in this short video that is concise, accurate and well thought out.

Length: 2 minutes 59 seconds

Most Relevant Viewer Comment: There are some great benefits to meditation, through finding out about meditation myself I got through a deep depression. Great video to explain it all.

NadaPada Rating 8.5

Sadhguru's Brilliant Answer on Why Meditation Doesn't Work For Many People

An audience question prompted this dialogue with Sadhguru.  The question starts with “I have tried a lot meditation practices but nothing has worked for me”.  Sadhguru proceeds to answer with an engaging quick talk that references a whatsapp message and goes from there. Don’t want to spoil it, it’s worth a quick view.

Most relevant viewer comment: there should be a subject of sadhguru life lessons in schools, he is the enlightened one.

Length: 8 minutes 1 second

NadaPada Rating: 9


How Meditation Changed My Life | Mamata Venkat | TEDxWayPublicLibrary

Mamata Venkat goes into a personal account for her journey of inner connection, and how it changed on a meditation retreat.  Objectivity and clarity being some of the biggest gains.  Mamata meditates for 2 hours a day (1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the evening) so may not be the optimal for all, but a very good, personal account in this video, and the challenges and her journey to achieve the benefits of meditation.

Most relevant viewer comment: I am sending this link to my daughter's email. She is still very young (2 years old) but she will see it someday when she grows old. I am collecting this kind of wise treasures for her future

Length: 15 minutes 22 seconds

NadaPada Rating: 7.5


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