Best Time to Meditate Is....

Choosing which time to meditate can definitely vary based on a number of factors.  Schedule, energy level, surrounding noise are a few of the factors that play into this decision. The fine crew over at UpJourney  did some nice homework and interviewed 12 experts, go check it out here.   If we were their 13th expert interview, our opinion would be this: there is no right time to meditate.  It's a trick question.  The right filter to put the answer through though is when is the time where you will most likely have a consistent and repeatable practice? For a number of people, that would be first thing in the morning. Make it a priority, rise and shine, and meditate.  There's nothing to get in the way of doing it, there is usually very little going on in your home at that time (provided you didn't sleep in) and it's repeatable-- you wake up everyday! Another popular choice is before bed, but that is also a nice time to do a nighttime meditation to put you to sleep, or prepare you for a great nights rest.  The morning meditation sets a tone and intention for your day, and above all brings some consistent and regularity to your practice.  Namaste!

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