Headspace Launching on Netflix in January

Starting in January, Headspace will be launching a series on Netflix, aptly named Headspace Guide to Meditation.  Andy Pudicombe, Headspace co-founder and former Buddhist monk will advise the audience for this series.  Officially set to kick off on January 1st, with 20 minute sessions and some guided mindfulness techniques being narrated by Puddicombe.  There are other, more specific series slated for later in the year, including the Headspace Guide to Sleep

You can checkout the trailer here.  Lastly, for those that haven't tried out Headspace, take a look at these resources free from Headspace to see if they resonate.  

Brilliant Things Happen in Calm Minds
Introduces the concept of mindfulness

Say hello to Headspace
Introduces the app and provides a preview of the type of content on Headspace

Headspace: Changing Perspective
Helps improve our relationship with our thoughts. Good for all ages!

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