Maintaining Your Zafu

Whether you have a zafu from NadaPada or any other company, you’ll want to maintain your zafu to have it forever. It doesn’t take much but a little bit of care goes a long way.

  • Usually you’ll have two cases for your zafu. An outer case and then an inner case. If buckwheat hulls spill over outside of the inner case, they will ‘poke’ out of the outer case. You’ll be able to feel it. This can happen in the manufacturing process or if you open the inner case and some hulls spill over. You’ll want to get these hulls out of there and keep things clean.

  • The benefit of the inner case is that you can add and remove hulls to your comfort. Email us to get more hulls if you need them for a small charge. We fill our cases full, and hand inspect every order. But we’re not perfect, and everybody is different, so let’s get it right. Use the flexibility of the cases and zipper feature to get things dialed in to what you need to be comfortable.

  • After several years of use, a zafu filled with buckwheat hulls can flatten. If this is the case, add some back.

  • Anytime after you add hulls, you need to mix or rustle them to get things situated. Nothing scientific here, just get things agitated and mixed up so the new hulls are consistent throughout.

  • If your zafu gets a stain, treat it like a piece of clothing. Use stain remover or wash the case (without the hulls). Just don’t let a stain sit, it will be harder to get out over time.

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