Spotlight on Meditation: Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant starts each morning with meditation for 10-15 minutes. Kobe says that it “sets him up for the rest of the day. That it’s like having an anchor”. In December of 2015, he told Robin Roberts of Good Morning America that he realized he was coming to the end of his career during meditation.

I try to have at least 15 minutes of still time and just kind of sit in my thoughts in the morning and just kind of meditate. And normally what happens with me is my mind would always drift to the game. Always,” he said in reply to Roberts’ question during the Tuesday interview. “And then I found myself sitting there. My mind wouldn’t drift towards the game all the time anymore. And that’s when I started realizing, ‘You know what? It’s getting close. It’s getting close.’ Because now I’m not obsessively thinking about the game anymore. It’s not wired into my subconscious the way it used to be.

Bryant, is a five-time NBA champion, a 17-time All Star and an NBA MVP. Meditation has played a role in his career as he has been one of the most clutch players of his generation. Bryant has talked about meditating in the film room, and how meditation helped him and his teammates in hostile situations with fans yelling and screaming. Listen to Michael Jordan’s and Kobe’s mindfulness coach talk about his journey with them.

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