Tips on Meditation

Our minds are busy! We have busy lives, from family responsibilities to work to our projects, right down to remembering to do that one other errand. Meditation is a great time to take a step back and realize how fast and busy life can be. It will give you the opportunity to witness your thoughts for what they are, just thoughts. You’ll realize, or already do, that you do not need to identify with all of them. Here are some of our curated best tips on meditation:

Time. Space. Breath. Perspective. Journey.

Do what works for you

  1. Make a Time. This is so important because when we have discipline and make a habit for an important activity, we are more likely to do it. Think about exercising. When you are most in shape, it is a routine function of your day to exercise. Similar to dieting. So why not give that same attention of time and routine to your mind?

  2. Make Yourself Comfortable. It’s so important that you are sitting comfortably, with your spine erect and in the right temperature. Not everyone is flexible to just jump into the lotus position on a hardwood floor. Zafus, or meditation cushions are designed to support your hips. Zabutons can be placed below a zafu and provide a cushion for your knees. There are also seats available to meditate on. Chairs work as well too. The point is, get what works for you so you are comfortable in your practice.

  3. Breathe. Breathe deep, breath with purpose. Some people open up their practice with several minutes of deep breathing before returning their breath to a normal state. We suggest you try different methods to identify what works for you. Some of this can be related to what time of day you meditate. Some of us find that we need more deep breathing at the start of meditation if we are practicing towards the end of the day. Whatever works for you, do it. It’s your practice, nobody else’s.

  4. Perspective. Leave all attachment behind. As your mind wanders, let thoughts go. Gently allow them to pass by, don’t make judgement. Sometimes it helps to tag thoughts, sometimes it helps just to acknowledge and let the thought pass. If you start to focus on the idea that you are thinking too much, that will compound and make it even harder to relax. The best thing you can do is just let thoughts go and go back to focusing on your breathing.

  5. Take This As a Journey. Meditation is a practice. So think of it as an iterative process. If yo utake minutes each day to practice, your journey will deepen. There is no perfect, only what benefits you. There are different ways to deepen your practice or make it more accessible to you. Whatever works best for you— do! The critical point here is to do what works for you.

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