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We Ran a Marathon on Your Zafu... Literally

Our QA team joined up to run a marathon on your zafu. Proof is on the way. Our Quality Assurance team came up with the smart ass idea of running a marathon worth of miles on top of our Om zafu. So…. we said…. why not? So over a period of days we’ll run on top of the zafu and stress test it. Hey, who said we were conventional Lobo?

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On Beginning

Starting meditation can be a bit daunting. First of all, it’s kind of hard. Your mind is scattered, you may be judging yourself, you’re busy, your house is noisy, your mind is noisy, you missed a day… etc. Here are some of our top tips for beginners. 1. Start with short runs of time. 1, 2 or 3 minutes 3 minutes can seem like an eternity when starting. Get the snowball rolling down the hill though. It’s all about building a habit and showing yourself that you can continue that habit. Even if you grab a minute to breathe, be mindful and let some thoughts go. Whatever works. 2.  Know the principles of Meditation When you are starting off in...

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