About Us


We’re NadaPada and we’re super excited to make something for you.  We are based out of Hanover, Massachusetts and are a family-run business.  We started NadaPada in 2018 after looking online for meditation cushions.  We couldn’t find anything that fit what we wanted: a bit of style, good quality components and a promise for comfort.  We even bought a few and came up with what we would change, and that began our journey.  3 years later we’ve gone through tweaks and iterations to our original meditation cushion, and have created a number of options for those in the market for a meditation cushion.  

We’ve made trips to Birkett Mills in New York to get some buckwheat hulls, have gone to the Cape Cod Lavender Farm to get some fresh aromatics, and have worked with artists from India and Pakistan to come up with new designs.  We’re very committed to making the highest quality products, using natural and eco-friendly ingredients (whenever possible).  Along the way we’ve had some learnings, and gotten some great feedback from our customers.  We want to be your place to shop for meditation cushions, so if there’s anything we’re falling short on please let us know!

-Joel & Amy (and the whole NadaPada team)

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