Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation touch many areas of our lives. Whereas cardio fitness or practicing a skill such as archery have a direct effect on those activities which are being trained for, the benefits of meditation carry well beyond becoming a better meditator.

1. Being Present. At the top, meditation trains us to be present, in the moment. To be walking down the street and to be fully in the moment of walking, aware of all of your surroundings and not thinking about that meeting at work yesterday or what to cook for dinner tonight. To put it another way, it’s about clearly seeing the world we live in and the people that surround us. Accepting where we are, but seeing where we are too. With the understanding that this moment is not forever and once it is gone, it is gone forever.

2. Loving with your whole heart. Meditation teaches us how to be open, vulnerable, curious and observant of our heart. To be open to whatever is challenging as well as those feelings that are easier to deal with as well. No discrimination of feelings, but rather a loving kindness, for ourselves and others.

3. Ups and downs. Meditation can help us deal with the ups and downs of of life in a different way. Not that the ups and downs will go away— challenges will always be a part of life. However, meditation will help us with ups and downs in two ways. First. Meditation t will help us detach from those moments a little. We’ll be less inclined to tip one way or the other. Secondly, you’ll be less afraid of those good things and bad things associated with good swings and bad 4 swings, you’ll just roll with it. You’ll be better equipped to see thing for what they are, and in general, most things aren’t a big deal (although our minds like to think they are).

4. Tension and stress. Meditation has been proven to reduce tension and stress. Meditation triggers the body's relaxation response, and quiets the body’s stress inducers. Physiologically, your breathing and heart rate slow down with meditation, your blood pressure normalizes and you use oxygen more efficiently. As you can see, there are many benefits of meditation.

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