Challenges in Meditation

Barriers to meditation are plentiful, however nothing is unsolvable. Let’s put the most common ones on the table.

My mind keeps popping up thoughts or I can’t stop thinking about anything! This happens a lot with people. The issue is that when you battle with your thoughts, you are fueling them. Instead, if you give them freedom to roam, they will actually slow down. Resisting or judging will not temper them, in fact it will generally lead to other thoughts around self criticism which becomes even more difficult to control. The advice? Just let those thoughts roam and let them be.

Time is not on my side. I cannot seem to find the time to meditate. The amount of time it takes to meditate is a personal choice and just like exercise, you can’t always dedicate exactly the amount of time you want. Sometimes, a 30 second pause or a 2 minute meditation in the morning is all you can do. Pick a standard base for your meditation, say 10 minutes, and try and achieve that. If you fall short and only get 1 minute in because you’re late getting out of the house, you did your best. Some people like to meditate for 30 minutes or longer. This can be good but can also complicate how you find the time. So pick a length of time that is reasonable for you, for your life.

I don’t feel like I’m doing it right. I haven’t achieved a state of bliss. The images we see of meditators aren’t always what we achieve. You know what we’re talking about, the person that is meditating in perfect form, for 12 hours at a time, blissful, serene, radiating peace. The reality is that we all may experience different benefits, at different times. Some people may experience tranquility immediately, some may take several months to notice the calming effects that meditation has on them. There are no essential requirements or byproducts of meditation. The best advice we can give on this is to relax, release any expectations you have and story worrying if it is working. The benefits will come naturally, and on their own schedule. There are likely other obstacles you will run into, just like any other situation in life. However you better equipped now than ever before to handle them, or just let life be.

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