Truro Round Meditation Cushion

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  • Stylish pillow carefully designed down to the last detail, including premium washable outer cover with concealed zipper
  • Perfect for all skill levels and styles of meditation and yoga, or for an addition to a room in your house for sitting
  • Inner liner holding buckwheat hulls has zipper, allowing you to add and remove hulls to personalize your pillow to desired comfort
  • Carrying handle is double stitched, providing convenience for travel
  • Buckwheat hulls allow for constant air circulation, which will keep your pillow cool and dry, and also provide excellent support for your spine during your meditation or yoga practice. 15'' x 6''

Why use a NadaPada meditation cushion?

Using a chair or sitting on a floor are fine for meditation sessions.  However, posture and comfortability have shown to be important elements in encouraging you to practice everyday. Our goal is to inspire daily meditation sessions for you! This is no different than the advice of getting a good mattress to get a good nights sleep-- a high quality meditation cushion will help you establish a consistent practice.  

Aligning of spine

A really comfortable, well balanced sitting position helps to take you inward.  Sitting with an aligned spine allows your lower back to relax. Dependent on your meditation style position, be it half or full lotus, kneeling or uncrossed legs, your spine alignment will be guided with a NadaPada cushion. Keeping your hips just above your knees. 

Machine Washable, Organic Cotton with Organic Buckwheat Hulls

We've designed a product that is durable for years of use and yet will be as soft on day 1000 as it is on day 1.  One of the benefits of buckwheat hulls is that they will not break down over time.  The buckwheat hulls used in our cushions are heavy enough to keep you from shifting in your seat (each cushion is ~5lbs).  

Large and Adjustable

We've listened to your feedback and have heard you that some cushions are too hard, too tall and other sizing challenges.  Our solution is that we have a durable zipper on our inner cushion which allows you to add or remove filling as needed.  We stuff our cushions to their optimum size, allowing you the ability to customize from there.  Many customers like it just the way it is though!  

Meditation Cushions are also used for Yoga

You can use your cushion to support your knees in reclined twists, or lay over it in Reclined Bound Angle pose (baddha konasana). It will support your lower back in Legs Up the Wall, or just about anywhere


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